one side of a single-story pre-engineered metal building painted light brown

Selecting the right contractor for your pre-engineered metal building is a critical step in the planning phase of construction. This choice can significantly impact the success of your project, build time, costs and overall satisfaction with your investment. With many building experts to choose from, narrowing down your options can be challenging. Understanding the advantages of pre-engineered metal buildings and the qualities of a professional contractor will help you make the right decision.


The Basics of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Pre-engineered metal buildings have become an increasingly popular choice in construction operations. These metal buildings are not just durable and long-lasting but also versatile and economical. Their use spans numerous industries — from residential to commercial and industrial sectors.


Definition and Importance

A pre-engineered metal structure with tan siding and white roof


A pre-engineered metal building refers to a building structure pre-engineered and fabricated off-site. The structure is then transported to the site with all the essential components for assembly by a certified or experienced contractor. 

Pre-engineered metal buildings play a crucial role in today’s construction world. They offer a time-efficient solution to traditional construction procedures. During a building project, time equates to money — long build times and delays can be expensive. Using steel building kits save time, which can lead to significant savings.


Benefits of Using Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings in Construction Projects

Using a pre-engineered metal building brings a range of benefits., saves time and offers flexibility. Engineered steel buildings have an aesthetic appeal and require less maintenance. With insulated metal panels, they provide better thermal performance and enhanced sustainability compared to traditional building methods.

Metal structures are highly resilient and can withstand harsh weather conditions. They come in any building size , making them suitable for different building types. Pre-engineered buildings can also be quickly expanded post-construction, providing adaptive building solutions for growing businesses.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pre-Engineered Metal Building Contractor

As a customer, you have countless choices when it comes to pre-engineered metal building contractors. So, how do you make the right choice for your metal building project?


Experience and Reputation

It’s important to consider a contractor‘s experience and reputation. Check for success stories and past project profiles, customer reviews and lists of repeat clients.


Quality of Products

You want the highest quality for your metal buildings. Check the quality of the steel structure a contractor provides. What about varying building sizes or steel building types? Make sure they offer the products you need for your building’s intended purpose.


Design Customization Capabilities

Another factor to consider is a contractor’s design services as design is crucial in any building project. Can they customize your pre-engineered metal building design to meet your specific requirements? Be sure to ask about their customization capabilities during the design phase.



Good communication is crucial when dealing with metal building contractors. Does the contractor explain the building packages and process correctly? Do they understand your needs and offer the best building solution? Do they respond proactively to your questions? Make sure the contractor’s communication process meets your expectations before getting too far into the partnership.


After-Sales Service

The relationship with the contractor doesn’t end after the purchase. After-sales service is essential, especially for a product like a building system. Does the company offer professional building services from site preparation to construction? Understanding a company’s support system can be crucial for making a final decision.

Take all of these factors into serious consideration and do not rush the decision. Request and compare quotes from various contractors and evaluate exactly what you need to make an informed decision.


How to Evaluate Different Contractors & Make the Best Choice

When navigating through the market of pre-engineered metal buildings, from pharmaceutical core & shell to cold storage solutions, it is crucial to choose the right contractor for your needs. Top featured metal building contractors like SW Funk Industrial Contractors offer a wealth of different metal building types, designs and sizes. Making the best choice involves a detailed comparative analysis of the products, services and reputations of these contractors.


Comparing Products and Prices

Each pre-engineered metal building kit varies in terms of design, function and cost. Insulated metal panels, for instance, might be a necessary inclusion in a cold storage building project but not necessarily in a simple maintenance storage building.

It’s essential to compare the offerings of different contractors. Consider factors such as the quality of the pre-engineered building materials, the diversity of their building solutions and the competitive nature of their pricing.


Understanding the Contractor’s Delivery and Installation Process

Another critical aspect to consider before deciding on a pre-engineered metal building contractor involves the contractor‘s delivery and installation process. An expert contractor should provide a safe and efficient delivery process across North America, ensuring customer satisfaction and the highest quality of service. Ask about their installation plans and construction timeline.


Getting References

References from past projects and similar project profiles provide valuable insights into the quality, expertise and professionalism of steel-building contractors. Always request references, which can be instrumental in evaluating the capabilities of top contractors. A dependable contractor will be happy to provide them.


Helpful Tips for Partnering with the Right Contractor

An ongoing construction site for a pre-engineered metal building foundation is pictured.


Importance of Proper Communication and Negotiation

Building a successful professional relationship with your contractor can be instrumental to the success of your metal-building project. Take advantage of their customer service and design services by maintaining regular communication, voicing your concerns and negotiating the terms of your agreement.


Taking Advantage of Warranties and Guarantees

As a customer, you are entitled to certain warranties and guarantees on your steel building kit. These protect against defects in materials or workmanship and are proof of a company’s confidence in its products. 


Let SW Funk Industrial Contractors Build Your Pre-Engineered Metal Building

As a leading pre-engineered metal building contractor, SW Funk Industrial Contractors offers a range of services. We’re a proud authorized builder of Nucor pre-engineered metal buildings, and we also offer structural steel fabrication and erection and concrete installation and repairs. When it comes to designing your pre-engineered metal buildings, our building experts can customize your structure to your exact requirements.

One common misconception about pre-engineered metal buildings is that they lack flexibility. However, with the right engineered steel building specialists like SW Funk Industrial Contractors, you can truly make a building tailored to your needs. From manufacturing and production facilities to water treatment plants and equipment storage, the opportunities are limitless.

Contact us to get started on your pre-engineered metal building project.