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Quality is an essential factor in construction projects, especially when it comes to structural steel. A strong, durable and well-built structure guarantees safety and long-term performance. As your structural steel contractor, SW Funk Industrial Contractors provides reliable, high-quality steel fabrication services tailored to your needs.

Understanding the Importance of Quality in Structural Steel 

Exceptional workmanship is paramount in structural steel construction projects. The structural integrity and safety of the building depends on the strength and quality of the steel members and connections.

Superior structural steel design  requires attention to detail, precision and adherence to strict quality control standards at every stage from the fabrication shop floor to the steel erection on site. There is little room for error when lives depend on the structural stability of the steel frame. SW Funk Industrial Contractors adheres to strict quality and safety standards, enabling us to fabricate and erect structural steel that you can count on.

Some important markers of quality workmanship in steel fabrication and erection include properly cut and fitted steel members, quality welds and bolted connections, proper use of shop drawings and erection plans and strict QA/QC testing and inspection at every step.

Choosing a competent, experienced and certified structural steel contractor is key to ensuring quality and safety. The expertise and capabilities of our fabrication and erection crew ensure the quality of your finished steel structure.

Defining Quality Workmanship and Its Significance in Construction Projects

SW Funk Industrial Contractors promises quality workmanship on every project, no matter how big or small. Quality workmanship refers to construction activities that meet or exceed accepted technical and industry standards. It involves adherence to proper processes, building codes and safety practices at every step.

In structural steel construction, some key markers of quality work include:

  • Proper fabrication as per approved shop drawings accurate dimensions, drilling, fitting and welding/bolting of steel members
  • High-quality welds and bolted connections that meet code requirements
  • Proper erection methods, sequenced member placement and plumbness/alignment checks
  • Strict QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control) testing weld testing, bolt torque checks and alignment surveys
  • Compliance with specifications, building codes and contract documents
  • Strong quality control and documentation at the shop and site

Quality workmanship leads to improved structural integrity, performance, safety and durability of the building over decades. 

The Role of Structural Steel Contractors in Construction Quality

As specialists in structural steel construction, SW Funk Industrial Contractors utilizes a team of fabricators and erectors who play a pivotal role in ensuring quality. The entire process — from detailing to fabrication to erection on site — is under their purview.

Steel fabricators are responsible for activities like cutting, drilling, shop fitting, welding, bolting, surface prep and even some pre-assembly in the shop environment. The quality of workmanship in fabrication impacts fit-up and safety in erection later on.

Erectors assemble the fabricated steel pieces on site as per erection drawings. Their exceptional workmanship enhances structural stability, alignment, plumpness and overall quality of the steel structure.

Our expert team is familiar with codes, safety needs, QA/QC and industry best practices. That’s what makes us a reliable, valuable partner in achieving quality objectives.

Impact of Poor Quality Workmanship on Construction Cost and Time

Poor quality steel fabrication or erection can lead to various problems like misaligned members, poor fit-up, rework, failure during erection and even structural instability.

This can increase project costs due to excess labor, delays, rework and potential injuries/accidents. 

Poor quality may require strengthening or replacement of steel members, which directly impacts cost and schedule.

A major steel failure or collapse can be catastrophic to cost, schedule and, most importantly, safety on the job site. At a minimum, corrections and rework of steel members or connections will be necessary before proceeding.

Poor quality work that escapes detection initially could necessitate expensive repairs or retrofits later on, incurring significant costs after project completion. This underscores the importance of quality control during steel construction. We maintain strict safety protocols and work with precision at every stage to prevent problems down the line.

The Importance of Checking Contractor Certifications and Experience

When you hire a structural steel contractor, it’s essential to ensure they have proper certifications from organizations like AISC and AWS. These validate their qualifications in structural steel construction and compliance with the latest codes and quality standards.

Equally important is proven experience in successfully executing similar projects in the past. Experienced steel contractors are familiar with executing the work properly, safely and to quality standards. Our team at SW Funk is knowledgeable about the latest techniques and innovations in the construction industry.

The Role of Client Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials from past clients provide valuable insight into a contractor’s quality, performance, and workmanship. Positive client feedback indicates their ability to deliver successful steel construction projects.

Look for contractors with multiple five-star reviews praising their expertise, professionalism, communication, safety record and quality control. It’s also important to read detailed reviews to gain insight into customers’ experiences collaborating with contractors.

With the right structural steel fabrication and erection partner, you can feel confident in achieving excellent quality and safety outcomes.

At SW Funk Industrial Contractors, we take pride in meeting and exceeding client expectations. Our client success stories and loyal base of returning customers speak for themselves.

Maintaining Quality Control with Your Structural Steel Contractor

A steel structure under construction is pictured outside.

Working with a reputable structural steel contractor like SW Funk Industrial Contractors is crucial for ensuring quality workmanship on your construction project. However, it is still important to maintain proper oversight and quality control standards throughout the process. Here are some key strategies for making sure you get top-notch results.

Effective Communication as a Necessity for Quality Control

Clear and consistent communication between you, your specialty contractor and the structural steel fabricators and erectors is essential. When you hire SW Funk Industrial Contractors, we’ll discuss specifications, timelines, safety protocols and any changes that come up when necessary. Frequent check-ins will allow you to spot potential issues early.

We’ll also explain our step-by-step process before the project begins to give you an idea of the scope and timeline of our work. This way, you understand our methods and the techniques being utilized at each phase. We’re happy to provide work samples from previous projects to share proof of our outstanding craftsmanship.

Regular Inspections and Quality Assurance Tests

In addition to maintaining open communication channels, you can perform regular inspections of the work being done, both on-site and at the steel fabrication facility. Key inspection points include examining welds, bolt torque levels, plumbness of columns and beams and finish coatings.

Non-destructive testing methods like ultrasonic tests on welds will also help identify any flaws or weaknesses. Material testing of steel samples will verify structural integrity and compliance with grade specifications.

Dealing with Issues and Discrepancies: The Corrective Action Process

If any problems, defects or deviations from specifications arise during the quality control process, steel fabricators need to take prompt action to determine the cause and remediate the issue. In some cases, minor problems can be remedied on the spot.

For larger defects like a misaligned column or undersized I-beam, the contractor will need to provide a detailed corrective action plan. This should outline the specific steps they will take to fix the issue and prevent it from recurring. Approve the plan and verify it is properly implemented. Having a clear corrective action framework specified in your original contract will streamline addressing any discrepancies.

Choose SW Funk as Your Trusted Structural Steel Contractors

When it comes to selecting a trusted structural steel contractor, SW Funk Industrial Contractors is the clear choice. With years of experience, a growing list of repeat customers and a reputation for quality work, we have consistently delivered exceptional results. We specialize in fabricating and erecting beams, handrails, stairs, columns, platforms and more.

At SW Funk Industrial Contractors, we value customer satisfaction above all else, ensuring that each project is tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering projects on time and within budget. Our strong attention to detail and commitment to safety make us a reliable choice for any structural steel project.

If you’re searching for concrete and steel construction companies for your next construction project, turn to SW Funk Industrial Contractors. When you work with us, rest assured that you’ll get the comprehensive steel and concrete work only our talented crew can provide.

Contact us to inquire about an upcoming project — we’d be happy to talk with you and answer any questions.