Our Company Creed

TRUSTED: We are steadfast in our commitment to safety, quality, and staying true to our word. We never waver in our commitment to integrity and firmly believe customers should never be asked to choose between having their project done safely, done right, or done on time.

We have remained dedicated to our Company Creed through every season, cycle and economic environment for over 40 years, and look forward to continuing that flawless record in the years to come.


Safety Is The Foundation Of Our Culture

Safety is instilled in every employee from their first day. From comprehensive onboarding training, annual and special training to site specific training, our experienced tradespeople receive over 80 hours of safety training per year. In addition, our team works tirelessly to ensure that protocols are followed, deadlines are met, and quality is delivered. From our mandated training to our hazard analysis system, we pride ourselves on our safety being woven into our culture.

Our Team Is Ready for Anything

Whether it’s an interior finishes renovation of a clean room within an operating pharmaceutical facility, a quick response emergency repair of a paper mill’s damaged operating floor to a weeklong shutdown with over 50 tradespeople at a steel mill, SW Funk Industrial Contractors is ready and trusted to take on any industrial project.