Heat Evaporation Foundations


 The tank foundation and pump pad had become compromised and needed to be replaced. This began with the demolition of the existing foundation. Once the foundation was demolished, 118 piles were driven and grouted, prior to mobilization.  Once mobilized a mud mat was poured across the entire tank foundation as well as the pump pad work area. 

The piles were cut to elevation and tension plates were installed.  From there we formed and poured two large pump pads. Forms were set, along with #9 rebar before the 3,000 lbs. SS embed ring could be set.  The embed ring was stabilized, to remain within a 1/8th inch tolerance, horizontally and vertically.  The tank foundation was then poured and the area cleaned.

Throughout the entire project we remained on the clients schedule to ensure production was able to continue moving.

  • Westrock Covington
  • Covington, VA
  • Completed: 2021
  • Industry: Pulp & Paper
  • Scope: Steel Fabrication, Concrete