The Safety of Our Business

A Culture of Safety

At SW Funk Industrial Contractors safety permeates every project. Unlike other contractors we don’t simply fulfill the bare minimum requirements, we aspire to a zero-incident safety record by prioritizing prevention. We guarantee every employee meets OSHA, MSHA or any other certification the site requires. We also have a safety management system that allows us to assess the risk profile of specific projects and provide a training matrix for every employee. This system includes a job safety analysis that is run daily as well as a comprehensive project hazard study that is done at the project’s kickoff and reviewed routinely.

SW Funk - Safety Statistics Table 2024

We have created a culture of safety through our daily toolbox meetings, weekly group safety meetings, safety audits and safety programs. Our operations and safety personnel work together as one team to find practical, cost-effective solutions to a project’s safety concerns. Plus, our site safety professionals are available to oversee any project with the assistance of our corporate safety department to ensure safe job sites and make adjustments to the safety plan as needed.

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Our Safety Strategy

  • Pre-employment, random, and incident drug testing
  • Proactive Risk Control Measures
  • Daily Job Safety Analysis
  • Pre-Job Hazard Analysis
  • Annual Basic Industrial Training
  • Supervision Training
  • Employees average over 80 hours of training annually
Goal Zero